In addition to our house brands, we also exclusively distribute the below brands throughout New Zealand.


A PRODIVE Brand, Extreme Limits range includes steamer suits, spring suits and dive long-johns. All in a range of sizes and styles for both youth and adults.


Our entire Extreme Limits Wetsuit range is designed and made to fit New Zealand body shapes. Made from high quality neoprene we pride ourselves in our wetsuit range and continue to develop the brand.


We strive to remain competitive in both price and innovations offered to continue to provide this iconic kiwi brand of wetsuits to fellow New Zealanders.


Since 1981 GEAR AID have been fixing gear when scuba divers realised Aquaseal was stronger than their wetsuits.  Shortly after, GEAR AID expanded into anti-fog, sealants, repair tapes, water repellents, cleaners and more.  Now they are known as the go-to care and repair company for the scuba industry.   


With more than 100 products they make the tools for your adventure.


SCUBAPRO first appeared in the scuba diving world in the early 1960's.  It was guided by two men, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin.  They brought to the market many innovations for diving that are still being used today.


Today, SCUBAPRO remains a premier manufacturer of scuba diving equipment and employs over 400 people in 17 locations spread over 13 countries, covering 4 continents.


At least 1 in every 2 employees is a diver and in several countries over 80% are divers, and over a third are instructors. SCUBAPRO is a Johnson Outdoors Inc. company.